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E. Welcome to B & L Plating, Inc. has brilliant reflective, excellent wear resistance, low electrical resistance, high corrosion resistance. Call Us: 01902 421 174 Email Us: info@midlandpolishing. The #1 gold plating service chosen by many celebrities, Goldgenie further enhances a product by embellishment through crystallization or even laser engraving. Gold Plating Spec Sheet. We are constantly updating our QMS to ensure that our traditions of exceptional quality and remarkable customer satisfaction are maintained while staying current with industry standards. Click now for chemicals or brush and bath dip plating systems for copper, silver, rhodium & other metal plating finishes. SPI is an Itar compliant company. (WPC) supplies electroplating and finishing services to North Carolina and the United States for high value, high quality products in the electronics, aerospace, marine, defense, and industrial markets. 09071653 Contact Lee Foster. Of Line Finishers. We have both cyanide and non cyanide gold plating . We Specialize in High Performance Gold and Electroless Nickel Plating Globally. Of course, the most important reason is SENTIMENT. Moreover, Gold is a noble metal, and as such is not subject to oxidation. Vermeil. More commonly, gold is added to the surface of silver or copper and is used very frequently in electronic components. Gold is generally used in electrical applications (such as connector pins) where the low contact resistance is critical. We are known for our fine repair, restoration, tarnish removal, and polishing of sterling silver, silver plate, gold, pewter, copper and brass items. Contact us today for more information! Learn more For over 125 consecutive years General Plating, LLC Rochester, NY the Schenkel family and our dedicated staff has been helping everyone from small start-up machine shops to large industrial manufacturing corporations deliver projects with Precision finishes. We offer gold, silver, copper, nickel, electroless nickel, tin, and zinc-nickel plating. Whether 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Antique, Platinum, Silver, Chrome or Nickel, our services allow you to reflect your tastes and personal preferences. wear-resistant gold plating for sliding contact surface, content of cobalt is Advanced Surface Technologies is a high quality metal finishing company that specializes in electroless nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, plating on magnesium, tin plating, electrolytic nickel plating, passivation and chemical conversion coatings. Registered Company No. Our company can provide Type I, II and III gold deposits per these industry standards. As a noble metal, gold has a natural ability to resist corrosion and oxides which can form on the surface of other non-noble metals. , Inc. General Brite Plating is a one stop shop for all of your plating needs. . Low & High Volume Metal Finishing, Metal Finisher, Electroplating, Electroplater, Rack Plating, Zinc Die Cast Plater. 8 based on 82 Reviews "I’m going on close to a year of with this gold plating Anderson Silver Plating was founded in 1948 to fulfill the plating needs of the musical instrument manufacturers in Elkhart, Indiana. Gold plating service for manufacturers, designers, and casters. Gold Plating Customisation Services - Luxury Gifts For Men and Women. One example of this is a copper/tin/zinc alloy, also known as Tri-Metal or Tri-M3, offered by the specialty plating company Electro-Spec, Inc. Its more than plating its legacy. What Is Gold-Plating in Project Management? Gold-Plating in Project Management is the act of giving the customer more than what he originally asked for. As an industry leading commercial plating company we produce the highest quality chrome finish and corrosion protection to meet your application requirements. We are the leading supplier of advance metal plating applications, servicing  Accurate Precision Plating is committed to becoming a leader in the Metal Finishing Industry. Anti-Tarnish. “Sheffield Platers has proven to be an exceptionally flexible, high quality and environmentally sound supplier. stablished in 1925, Cincinnati Plating & Repair Company is one of the oldest and most trusted classic metal restorations firms in the U. Check out Epner. A current draws positively charged gold ions through a gold bath solution to adhere them to a If you’re looking for a full service electroplating and surface finishing company with over 35 years experience with silver and platinum plating or aluminum anodizing, phosphating, look no further, you’ve found us. We are a UK company & provide a first class professional service throughout the UK & worldwide. We specialize in the restoration of some materials that other companies won't touch including the plating of pot metal (Zinc) and aluminum. Williams Plating Company has more than three decades of experience dealing in gold plated engineering solutions for our customers’ needs. Quality Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Platinum, Copper & Nickel Plating/Re-plating in Albuquerque, NM. Gold, silver, nickel, copper & rhodium plating services from specialist electroplating company, Gold Rush Plating. The company is world renowned for its expertise in developing surface finishing solutions to meet the industrial manufacturing needs of Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, most often copper or silver (to make silver-gilt), by chemical or  Reduce your gold plating costs with expert help from Precision Plating Company! Contact us today! Electroplating gold solutions. Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold on the surface of glass or metal, most often copper or silver. We also offer metal polishing and powder coatings services. When you get gold plating done, there are decades of clean and refined practices behind you. Morrell Plating Co. Gold Plating Services – Gold Plating Specifications. We specialize in gold plating, silver plating, palladium-nickel plating, tin plating and nickel plating finishes, and utilize state-of-the-art barrel plating, rack plating, and continuous reel-to-reel plating and coil plating processes. Gold, Silver & Nickel Plating. Nickel Free. Our strict adherence to Nassau’s guidelines accompanied with NADCAP procedures provides assurance of top quality work on all finishes from the basic, such as alodine and anodize, to the more sophisticated and precise, such as polished gold, silver and chrome. From precious metal plating (gold, silver, & rhodium) to hard anodizing and multi-plating on unusual alloys and special set-ups, we provide a diverse range of finishing services. We follow military, government, and industry specifications, and can adjust our treatments to comply with your desired specifications. Jewellery & watches to car emblem plating. Our plating company has been providing high-quality plating services to the plumbing, hardware, automotive, marine, and electronics industries for over 50 years. improve the sales appeal and visual impact of your product. How to Gold Plate. Select Supplier. 24Karat, Hard Gold Plating, for Engineering & Industrial Applications. The second plating is rhodium plating, also called "dipping," and is done over white gold, yellow gold and silver jewelry. This method of electroplating is known to highly benefit in the resistance of corrosion and to assist on the reduction of wear. You must call 1-800-638-2573 to get the Fabricated Gold Price to put in the first box of the calculator. We can then gold plate, or chrome plate your item or return it with the nickel under-plate. We plate with zinc/cobalt and zinc/nickel alloys, zinc, nickel, copper, chrome, black oxide, tin, zinc phosphate, hexavalent chromates and trivalent passivates (RoHS By focusing on innovative service, we work with our clients—from inception to development to testing and plating—to turn a simple idea into a complex reality. Milwaukee Plating is a plating company specializing in high-quality rack electroplating services to manufacturers that includes some of the best-known names in industry. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity, and is not affected by air and most reagents. Silver. . Theta Plate is one of the leading companies for  Green Gold. Gold plating kit and gold plating solution from Spa Plating gives you complete control of the gold plating process with our unique on-line gold plating calculators. We sell a complete line gold plating chemicals for your mobile gold plating system or brush plating system. meet your engineering requirements for durability and corrosion resistance. We specialize in gold plating, silver plating,  Massachusetts (MA) metal electroplating company with plating and finishing services for gold, silver and other precious metals. Residential plating is the soul of American Plating Company. insure attention to the quality of your product. We offer chrome, nickel, copper, brass and gold plating, as well as stainless steel and aluminum polishing. Gold plating is common in software projects, and is usually done by team members either on an individual or a collaborative basis, most of the times without the knowledge of the Project Manager. Request a quote today. Our equipment includes conventional and vibratory barrel Advanced Plating Technologies (Milwaukee, WI). Rhodium plating. Modern Plating Co. Two-Tone Plating. We offer the highest quality plating with the strictest quality requirements, at industry-leading turn-around times to ASTM, ASM military, automotive, and aerospace customers Cadillac Plating Corporation started plating in 1957 with 1 plating line. has been a Leading Provider of Quality Metal Finishing and Protective Coating Services since 1951, providing quality metal finishing to manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries. 214. As ITT Cannon has begun the transition from in house plating to 100% outside processing solutions, Sheffield has taken the time to work with each of our internal departments to ensure a stable, seamless transition. We tackle the highest tolerances on the most delicate parts with the most difficult masks. While we can perform gold plating for a variety of applications, our primary focus is in the electronics industry. United Plating is a specialist in metal finishing services such as plating, anodizing, painting, and much more. Gold plating means intentionally adding extra features or functions to the products which were not included in the scope statement. NBP is here to make you and your parts look great. Artisan Plating is the first company to successfully gold-plate the Apple Watch®. With a commitment to highest plating standards, KC Jones Plating Company’s depth of experience and expertise is unmatched anywhere. For more than half a century, KC Jones has cultivated an international reputation for value-added solutions and processes that enhance the strength, durability and appearance of industrial parts. ? From precious metal plating (gold, silver, & rhodium) to hard anodizing and multi-plating on unusual alloys and special set-ups, we provide a diverse range of finishing services. Gold plating is the electro-chemical process of depositing a thin layer of gold on metal. Our competitors only guarantee the gold plating on their Apple Watches to last 30 days. Our sixty years of  Finishing Service Company*. Currently offering more than 40 processes including non-destructive testing, we also maintain an in-house library of federal, aerospace, military and commercial standards. Services Electroplating Services Electropolishing & Pre-finishing Services Past Projects Electropolishing of a Stainless Steel Testing Column for the Medical Industry Copper & Silver Plating of a Brass Connector Pin for the Electronics Industry Gold Plating of a Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet for the Jewelry Industry Silver & Gold Plating of a Founded in 1934, Lansing Plating Company has earned an excellent reputation throughout the area for high quality plating services. Do it yourself with plating kits from Caswell Inc. We specialize in electroless nickel, anodize, chemical film, passivate, silver, tin, and zinc plating. If you have a project that requires plating onto aluminum, you may consider sending the parts to Gold Plating Services to be plated by our technicians. Free Pickup and Delivery within our service area. is not responsible for lost or damaged packages Anderson Silver Plating was founded in 1948 to fulfill the plating needs of the musical Are you wondering why your silver or gold plated instruments and  Artisan Plating provides custom gold plating services for the individual consumer, crafts person, small manufacturers, scientific labs and restorers. Click on company profile for additional company and contact information. wear-resistant gold plating for sliding contact surface, content of cobalt is G & A Plating Company was established in 1966 and operates in an 18,000 square foot facility in Cranston, Rhode Island. Electroplating gold solutions. An additional acid copper layer is added to parts with rough, pitted surfaces. The Gold Plating Company Ltd. D&W’s commitment to quality and service, together with its high capacity, automated rack and barrel production lines Palmetto Plating will. Applications range from decorative, electronics, medical implant to spacecraft components. We've got just the right kit for your plating needs. D&W Plating Company, Inc. Silvex welcomes your challenging plating and anodizing applications. Perfection Plating offers the broadest array of plating finishes and process capabilities in the industry. Advanced Plating Technologies is an ISO 13485 & 9001 certified company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin offering plating, passivation and powder coating services Unique Luxury Gifts for every event and occasion: From real roses preserved in pure 24k Gold or Platinum, Gold bullion jewellery to the latest gadgets such as the Apple iPhone, watch and iPad that have been made with solid 18k/22k Gold or have been customised in 24k Gold. After having a piece your whole life, or having it handed down through generations, these articles become priceless heirlooms. solve your difficult finishing problems with unique and innovative treatments. Silver items can also be gold-plated. Rack Plating. Home; About Us. a special gold plating with high reflectance in 650-850nm wavelength region employed by NASA. Mitchell's Plating Refinishing and 24Kt Gold Plating Of Sacred Vessels Chalices, Ciborias, Patens, Monstrances, Also Specializing Refinishing Restoration Of Tabernacle, Candlesticks, Sanctuary lamp, Thurible, Boat, Holy Water Fonts, Crucifixes, Holy Water Bucket, Altar Bells, Baptismal Fonts, Restoration Is Also Done On Stations Of The Cross, Most pieces of silver, brass, bronze,or gold that have not absolutely disintegrated are worth re-plating. Williams Plating Company, Inc. We offer custom chrome plating for classic and antique automobiles and motorcycles, nickel plating on stained or leaded glass, and copper or gold plating of much more. uk The first true electroplating was achieved in the middle of the nineteenth century. View our Manufacturing Marvels Video · Cadmium Plating · Black Chrome Plating · Chrome Plating · Copper Plating · Silver Plating · Gold Plating · Bright Nickel the metals. We hope you will not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have and perhaps you will stop by and see us on picturesque Antique Row in the heart of the historic district of Philadelphia. 357. Wisconsin Plating Works in Racine, Wisconsin offers over 17 corrosion-resistant, decorative plating and finishing related services for commercial and industrial applications. D&W’s commitment to quality and service, together with its high capacity, automated rack and barrel production lines If a single metal does not provide the properties needed, it is also possible to co-deposit two or more metals for an electroplated alloy deposit. Since 1964, Modern Plating Company, Inc. has realized continual progress through advancement of knowledge and processing technology. Klein Plating Works (KPW) provides high-quality gold plating services for the best gold corrosion protection. United Plating, Inc. Gold Plating Services. Serving San Jose, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Beyond. This article covers plating methods used in the modern electronics industry; for more traditional methods, often used for much larger objects, see gilding . Over our more than eight decades of service, Sharretts Plating Company has developed a finely honed gold plating process. Are you an individual restoring a classic auto, need your boat hardware freshened up, looking to update some home furnishings or hardware, etc. 18ct White Gold Plating On Nokia E71 Mobile Phone + infos zoom. Service Company. Brooklyn's Epner Technology gilded this year's Oscars. With a Knoop hardness of almost 200, Laser Gold is three times harder than any other pure gold plating process. Gold plating is most commonly an electrochemical process by which a thin layer of gold is deposited on another metal. 2712 Anson Road Dallas, TX 75235 tel. Metal Plating & Metal Finishing Plating, Anodizing, Painting, Screen Printing and More. Utilizes vibratory barrel plating with high-throw plating  Williams Plating Company has more than three decades of experience dealing in gold plated engineering solutions for our customers' needs. 3 Cedar Grove Westhoughton Bolton Lancashire BL5 2PF Tel: 01942 813204 Mobile: 0791 9151832. Specializing in gold, silver, electroless nickel, bright & dull tin, bright & dull nickel, copper and miralloy plating. At American Plating Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer industry-best electroplating services to fit any needs, from manufacturing to residential use. co. Read our interview in Wired Magazine to learn more about our process and why we are the only company to guarantee an industry first: a two-year plating guarantee. Heat, moisture, oxygen, and most corrosive agents have very little chemical effect on gold, making it well-suited for use in a variety of industries. Our gold plating is used for electrical or mechanical, and applied to various electrical packaging (Jisso) conditions. Process Capabilities include anodizing, brush plating, cadmium plating, chromate conversion coatings, gold plating, electroless nickel, black, bright and sulfamate nickels, phosphate coatings, tin plating, zinc plating, and dry film lubricants. A metal finisher with over 75 years of metal finishing experience, offering all types of selective plating and anodize treatment. Gold Plating. Gold plated colors such as "green or white" gold can be produced. Metal Finishing Gold Plating, Metal Finisher Gold Plating, Electroplating Gold Plating, Electroplater Gold Plating, Plating Gold. Copper. Main Contact lee@thegoldplatingcompany. Gold can be plated directly on a base metal or it can be applied over an undercoating such as nickel to improve adhesion of the gold itself. We provide metal plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, brass plating, bronze plating, black nickel plating, tin plating, gold plating, silver plating, copper plating, antique finishing, oil rubbed bronze, burnished brass, burnished nickel, burnished bronze, burnished copper, metal deburring, electropolishing Chelsea Plating Company has been doing this work since 1948-longer than anyone in Philadelphia. The Chrome Plating Shop offers Quality Plating services and MetaPolishing. Electrolytic and electroless metal plating finishes including gold, tin, copper, nickel, palladium and silver provided by Precision Plating Company of Chicago. Custom Plating for Your Next Project. Barrel Plating. We're also regarded as a top gold plating company, as well as one of the  Advanced Plating Technologies is an industry leading company in functional gold plating services to MIL-G-45204, ASTM B488 or AMS 2422. You can also apply more than twenty different colors to Cosmichrome such as gold, black chrome, rose gold, copper, blue, green and many more. We offer quality Metal Finishing that will meet your highest expectations. Gold Plating is valued for its physical properties. S. High reflective Gold plating. Opening Times Monday - Friday. View company capabilities, literature, and more. Our specialty is barrel plating contacts to most specifications, both military and aerospace. We strip off any old gold plating, polish and clean your items. We offer rack, barrel & brush plating on a wide range of items. It really duplicates the appearance of real chrome plating. Imperial Plating is a recognized leader in the metal finishing industry, striving towards excellence in quality and complete customer satisfaction. Gold was probably the first metal worked by man. Finding the Right Electroplating Company for Your Needs High reflective Gold plating. They are keeping the memories of their ancestors alive. Commercial Plating Company - Specializes in Electroless Plating on metal and plastic components including aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die castings. Finishes include 24kt, 18kt, 14kt gold, almond gold, rose gold, green gold, and more. Aviation Plating. Gold is a highly corrosion resistant finish and has many applications in the electronics industry for solderability, durability, and steady contact resistance over time compared to other finishes less resistant to oxidation. Satin & Matte Finishes. We offer a wide array of metal finishing services including metal plating, coating, polishing and cleaning. Hard Gold plating. View Images Of Work Done By Our Company. Epner Technology’s proprietary 24 karat gold process, Laser Gold, achieves the theoretical IR reflectivity and ultra-low emissivity of a pure gold. Gold Plating Services Capabilities Gold Plating Services - 378 N Main St, # 112, Layton, Utah 84041 - Rated 3. Pure gold is considered to be 24k while alloy gold can vary from 14k to 23k gold. Cooper Plating offers an electroplating process that encompasses several metal plating solutions. Gold plating is done with good intentions and may be appreciated by the clients. Gold Silver Brass  TWR Service's gold plating process produces a hard, abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant coating. Oct 1, 2018 Whitman Company Inc, a Massachusetts Metal Finishers Plating Polished Barrel Plating Company in business since 1968. Welcome to Aetna Plating For all your rack & barrel plating needs, AETNA Plating offers superior workmanship and top quality control, all with quick turn-around times. Gold-Bright or Brushed(Satin)  Advanced Surface Technologies offers Type III pure Gold and Type I and II Nickel hardened Gold plating on a wide variety of substrates including Aluminum,  Whether it's barrel plating, rack plating, copper plating, nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, tin plating, tin nickel plating, tin lead plating, silver plating, gold  Tanury Industries delivers high quality electroplating services, PVD, and metal finishing services for tanury-industries-gold-plating-pvd-mouthpiece-instrument . Plating over costume jewelry. Gold plated jewelry can have deposits as low as 10 karat purity (out of 24). Company Profile Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Specialized Plating, Inc. We are a one stop shop providing chrome plating,Gold Plating powder coating,all specialty finishes. Results 1 - 24 of 24 Compare and contact leading companies that provide gold plating in Ohio. Anderson Silver Plating Co. com provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results. We specialize in zinc and zinc alloy plating using the latest trivalent systems. David Epner, president of Epner Technology Inc. 9AM till 5PM Closed Saturdays and Sundays Gold Plating typically is yellow in color and can range from matte to a bright reflective finish. From brass to gold, rhodium to palladium and everything in between, we provide a single-source solution to all of your metal plating needs. With the capability of plating anything and everything. Step 2: Calculating Your Gold Price. We have 50 Years of Experience and are ISO 9001 certified. We utilize a high capacity vibratory line that allows for plating larger parts while maintaining the advantage of more uniform plating. Rhodium. Gold plating can be done on most items, including costume jewelry, watches and sculptures. com to learn more about our gold plating processes and products. As a result Gold, Silver, copper, nickel, and brass are the materials of our treasures American Plating company completely understands. Pure Gold Plating Ltd, electroplating specialists since 2008. How long the component is left in its bath typically determines the thickness of the plating. The purpose for gold plating includes conductivity, decoration, corrosion protection and reflectivity. Mar 14, 2016 A Plating Company's Gold Standard. Nickel. Advanced Plating Technologies is an industry leading company in functional gold plating services to MIL-G-45204, ASTM B488 or AMS 2422 among many more. Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, most often copper or silver (to make silver-gilt), by chemical or electrochemical plating. Our Quality Management System is certified to AS 9100 and ISO 9001 since 2008. Whether it's barrel plating, rack plating, copper plating, nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, tin plating, tin nickel plating, tin lead plating, silver plating, gold plating, indium plating, lead plating, zinc plating or chromate conversion plating, we know electroplating. Gold plating is often used in electronics, to provide a corrosion-resistant electrically conductive layer on copper, typically in electrical connectors and printed circuit boards. Gold plating can be added to almost any metal, including brass, copper or nickel. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Gold Plating, as well as a variety of related products and services. We offer superior electroforming processes and waveguide plating for your  Sharretts Plating is a leader in industrial plating & metal finishing services in the U. For more than 75 years, Fountain Plating Company, Inc. INCERTEC, a nationally recognized electroplating company, provides highly-engineered, specialty metal plating solutions for industries and products where precision, knowledge and experience matter. Electro-Spec developed a plating process that selectively plates gold onto If you want the best possible service, you need a company like us that not only has   gold plating / Find companies in the country 'Italy' that specialise in the 'gold plating' field. The three most common gold plating services certified by Advanced Plating Technologies are MIL-G-45204, ASTM B488 and AMS 2422. Plate to vermeil standard with our gold plating solution. ,  The gold stars on the Wall of Stars as part of the World War II Memorial in Washington DC were plated at Quality Plating Co. Today, the Fountain Plating family maintains a vision focused on providing the most effective plating and finishing solutions possible for customers around the world. Our gold plating services are in compliance with ASTM, AMS, MIL, and any custom specifications. Much more than platinum, gold, silver, nickel & chrome platers. After you receive your quote, use our gold price calculator below to figure out what the cost of gold plating will be if Incertec processes your parts today. Low & High Volume Competitive Prices Metal Finishing, Metal Finisher Specialty Plating, Inc. Selling chrome - nickel - cadmium - brass - gold - silver and metal polishing supplies. We employ 45 skilled professionals knowledgeable in every aspect of plating, including jewelry, emblematic materials, decorative art and more. Gold Plating & Nickel Plating Hammon Plating is committed to meet or surpass the customer's expectations for worldwide support, defect-free products, and on-time Perfection Plating offers the broadest array of plating finishes and process capabilities in the industry. We can provide the required nickel under-plate for a nominal charge. It can be found in a pure state and can be hammered and worked easily into decorative jewelry pieces. Gold plating is a process by which a thin layer of gold is added to a specific metal. 0178 Industrial Plating Company. Specialty Plating, Inc. Woodhill Plating Company is a leading plating company specializing in chrome, brass, and nickel in Cleveland, Ohio. Gold Plating Services from Precision Plating. Cleveland based company. Corrosion resistance is excellent and provides excellent tarnish resistance. ThomasNet. has been providing New England industry with plating services since 1970. Rack Plating & Barrel Plating. We offer chrome, nickel, copper, brass and gold plating, as well as stainless steel taught himself metal polishing and worked for a company in South Pittsburg,  Solstice® electroplating deposits thicker gold layers more quickly and efficiently providing enough gold plating savings to pay for the equipment. Our compliances can be utilized in nearly all  G. Our prices are reasonable and our work is completed as fast as humanly possible. Since then, the company has grown and developed solutions for customers across many industries. Chromed parts are triple plated (with copper, nickel and chrome layers). Precious Metals Plating Company has been in business since 1957 serving the needs of the military, aerospace, electronic and related industries offering high quality metal finishing services. ELECTROPLATING. Mitsuya is providing 25 types of gold plating, and providing the physical or chemical properties information. Since then, Anderson Silver Plating has grown to be the largest independent plater of band instruments in the world. When the first stars were  Jul 17, 2017 Choosing the right gold plating company for your needs is easy when AOTCO is available. uk. Add Gold or Chrome finishes to any part of your aircraft with R&H Plating’s superior quality and turnaround time! We accept customized orders of all kinds to make your aircraft truly unique – No job is too big or small! We proudly service the domestic corporate and commercial aviation markets. We have the expertise and we offering gold plating services. Inc. Over the years we have expanded to 7 automatic rack plating lines producing several different processes on 70 million parts a year. The Refinishing & Plating Company offers refinishing and plating services to private and commercial customers. If your part can’t be electroplated because of size or material, there’s a good chance a chrome finish can be sprayed on the Cosmichrome. At K&L Plating, we specialize in tailoring our plating processes to your custom needs. Tanury Plating offers nearly 20 different plating materials, including palladium, 12 different shades of gold, and four varieties of nickel. At Tanury, we create finishes to customer specifications that perform and last. Plating Kits, Electroplating Kits, Aluminum Anodizing Kits, Gas Tank Sealer, Metal Polishing & Buffing Supplies. Interesting Facts About Gold & Gold Plating. Industrial Plating Company was founded in 1963 to serve the synthetic fiber industry. 9850 fax 214. The current facility was designed and built specifically to accommodate the most intricate and complex plating processes. Custom manufacturer offering gold plating services. By combining the talent of our experienced staff we are able to engineer and design the processes necessary to bring quality and life to your products with efficiency and cost effectiveness. has been a premier provider of metal plating services in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. Usually, gold plating is performed by either the project team or the project manager with no additional cost to the client. gold plating company

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